Tuesday 12 August 2014

Pray...for the Persecuted

Pray and fast for the persecuted people of Iraq and all places of persecution and unrest; that the persecuted will be blest with peace, protection, courage and strength.
Pray for the persecutors, that they will be open to receiving the God of peace and love.
Pray for the West that it may truly care for the persecuted all over the world by practical aid and dedicated defence in all necessary forms.
Note: interesting how the BBC coverage speaks of the persecution of the Yazidis and not of the Christians. Is this BBC bias?


  1. Two comments Father,if I may,

    1."dedicated defence in all necessary forms" , is particularly important at present.

    2."Is this BBC bias?". Answer is yes. Good old awkward, self conscious, seculrised, BBC anti-Christian bias.

    However now that the persecution of the Yazidis is getting full publicity, and rightly so, then perhpas even the good old biased BBC will say, or be allowed to say, something occasionally about the persecuted Christians?

    1. Thank you.
      Yes, ALL forms of defence.
      I feel very distributed by the BBC's lack of reference to the persecution of Christians; it seems to have no concern for Christians 'in any way, shape or form', as the saying goes.
      God Bless.

  2. Bias? Afraid so. I guess it's because the newly-discovered (by Western media) Yazidis are seen as an exotic Middle Eastern minority group who can be suitably patronised (by the sophisticates in the West) for their strange, but charming, beliefs and customs. Hardly a mention for the Christians who have been facing and fleeing the same barbarity month after month after month. But, well, Christians - yawn - they're always whining about persecution, aren't they?
    Yes, Father, all in peril, whoever they are, merit our prayers in the face of these wicked, murderous hordes.

    1. Dear Genty,
      "I guess its because..." I like your explanation!
      Meanwhile, perhaps we Christians 'whine on' about persecution because we are...well...persecuted.
      God Bless.


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