Wednesday 29 November 2017

Update on Fr Dickson

Father knows of all who are praying for him and is very grateful.

He remains very, very ill. 
He was initially admitted with a bad Pneumonia a week and a half ago. Antibiotic treatments have been relatively unsuccessful. Now, having also detected a Pseudomonas infection, Medical staff -apparently running out of options- are strongly hoping the new antibiotics they are trying him on prove effective.

Let's please continue to pray and offer sacrifices...

Tuesday 21 November 2017

An update about Father

Father was started on intravenous (IV) antibiotics on Friday and, despite still being very ill, had shown some minor minor improvement and was transferred to a different hospital last night (Monday) and his antibiotics changed to oral. At around 4am this morning he deteriorated significantly and struggled to breathe, and it was discovered that his infection markers (CRP & White Cell Count) had risen again. Further, despite the pneumonia having been hitherto confined to one lung, the other now has 'crackles'. He has since been switched back to IV antibiotics and is being closely monitored.

Needless to say, he remains terribly ill, and prayers are of paramount importance...

Sunday 19 November 2017

Prayers for Fr Dickson

I offer apologies for the lull in posting in recent months. Father's health has not been so great, and I have been kept very busy by studies.

However, I now urgently ask your prayers for Father Dickson: he is currently in hospital, seriously ill with pneumonia.

I will keep you as updated as possible.

Many thanks,