Friday 17 October 2014

Converts To Catholicism: Take Heart

I have been asked by converts why they “bothered to become Catholic as the sure place of Truth if this synod is going to give up the whole darn thing”. I have been saying to them to recognise that there has always been tumult in the Church; just look at the Arian Crisis”; but this has only have-way helped them. So here is some sound reassurance for them that this Synod is not being managed by the devil...

We are told (see here)via that excellent blog Rorate Caeli, that cardinal Baldisseri, General Secretary to the Synod, announced that the discussions of the circuli minores would not be made public, and that almost a revolt took place: Cardinal George Pell, and after him a long line of Fathers from Archbishop Léonard, Cardinal Napier et al, asked for the matter to be put to a vote, and that it had the atmosphere of a stadium, with a standing ovation. The Pope apparently looked on impassively. Result? Cardinal Schönborn had to say, at the press conference, that "the decision to render public the relationes of the circuli was taken by large majority."

The Major Archbishop of Kiev, Sviatoslav Shevchuk, spoke directly of the need of "sending a clear message to the faithful and to the Pope" on the fact that "the family is the stable, faithful, and sacramental union between a man and a woman." This arose because, as one Synod Father said, very little had been said of the unions between persons of the same sex - not more than three interventions in the assembly -and yet Monday's Relatio spoke about it ad abundantiam. 

What this shows us is that many of our Bishops are not going to sit back and let the Gospel be abandoned in favour of satisfying the secular world. As cardinal Pell says in the interview below: “we are not giving in to the secular agenda; we are not collapsing in a heap...we have no intention of following those radical elements in all the Christian churches and of the Catholic Church in one or two countries. Christ’s teaching on marriage is not put there as a burden; it works in the long run; it’s there to protect us...Communion for the Divorced/re-married is for some, very few, certainly not the majority of the Synod Fathers, is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s a stalking horse. ~They want wider changes; recognition of civil unions, recognition of homosexual unions. The Church cannot go in that direction. It would be a capitulation from the beauties and strengths of the Catholic Tradition”.

Well said, your Eminence -and thank you to all the faithful Fathers at the Synod.


  1. "So here is some sound reassurance for them that this Synod is not being managed by the devil..."

    Or perhaps that the devil is losing his control over the synod? Nevertheless, it is an answer to prayer indeed.

    I think we still need to be very alert though. The devil is the most subtle of all beasts and he does not give up easily. He'll be back even if we have Our Lord's promise that he will not prevail.

    1. Thank you.
      I agree we need to stay alert, D.A.
      We don't yet know how the Apostolic Exhortation will be written; clearly or ambiguously, and there is next years Synod to consider when the Modernisers will have revised their tactics. Prayer for the Church's deliberations on Pastoral Challenges to the family need to continue...
      God Bless.

  2. After hearing all this secular nonsense coming from Rome its a great relief that Cardinal Burke and Pell and others in fact a good majority all spoke against the nutty ideas of the modernists. Who ever heard of gradulaism? who ever thought that homosexuals had any thing to offer the Church other than an undermining of the Faith? They prey on our youth. They undermine marriage with their homosexual 'marriage'. They spread disease both moral and physical. They parade their perversion in our streets with their Gay Pride marches. And we are supposed to be tolerant? Sorry no.
    This was supposed to be about the family not accommodating concubines. Where is the teaching to praise and encourage the parents who struggle against the secular milieu? Have these bishops ever had children in Catholic schools only to find that they are not being taught the Faith? Of course not. They are well taught all about contraception though. So we get Catholic families with only two children. A calculation; a sad mindset. No openness to all children God sends . . .result , no generosity = no Priestly vocations.
    The message coming from Rome is causing a lot of damage to the true Faith around the world especially Africa and Asia. I hope that Francis will put it all right at the end but I fear he is on the side of the Modernists. I hope I'm wrong.
    It's time we returned to the simple Faith in Jesus and Him alone. The simple Faith we had before Vatican2. Oremus.

    1. Thank you, Pascal788.
      I like to think of the situation with homosexuality as we do with theological error: we can tolerate it, but challenge it rather than not condone or spread it.
      Thankfulness the message from Rome is now one in which we can see the Holy Ghost and not the Spirit from the world. Thank God for the good and faithful Bishops who we now know are not so few in number!
      God Bless

    2. Well said, Pascal!


    Meant only lost
    In mans translation?

    Cried Callow,
    "Way to reason...
    It's not so bad, this silly-season."

    "let us remember wise and courageous Cardinal Ottaviani's observation that there is only one instance in the gospels where the apostles acted collegially: "They all fled."

    FINALLY, the Cardinals stand STRONG!! Deo Gratias!! Thank you Cardinal Pell, Burke, Napier and all the clergy, CAHTOLIC MEN of Africa!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It is interesting that Archbishop Shevchuk regards it as necessary to send "a clear message to the Pope". There is quite a lot of pussyfooting on the net but it seems highly improbable that the Relatio could have been released to the world's press without the consent of the Pope (and he has not denied involvement, as might be expected if he hadn't known the contents). Once again, we have 'translation problems' in the English version - the most important version of all press-wise! For goodness' sake this lame excuse just won't work again, do they take us for fools?

    1. Thanks for this.
      One cannot help but see the argument of those who think this is a very poor show for the Church; that the whole thing of subverting or even ditching the faith was planned from the start,since the sending out of a questionaire on family life to those not living it; a Cardinal stating last February that those not living it could be welcomed to Holy Communion, and the the interim Relatio being so far from what actually went on in the Hall. As someone said to me just today, 'This whole thing stinks of sulphur'. That may be an exaggeration, but Sunday sees the beatification of Paul VI, who declared that the smoke of Satan had entered the Church. If we are now choking on it, the blame lies with all the post Vatican II Pontiffs who failed to reign in dissent, and not just with Francis. We are back to supporting Bishop Schneider's call for a new Syllabus of Errors -once we have a safe set of hands in Rome.
      God Bless

  5. Cardinal Burke has finally made explicit that the Pope is responsible. Interview for BuzzFeed.


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