Thursday 24 April 2014

A ‘ban’ on pro-life Doctors and Nurses...

Thanks again to Dr Peter Saunders of Christian Medical Comment for highlighting the fact that The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has decreed that post-graduate qualifications in sexual and reproductive health will not be available to Doctors and Nurses who refuse to prescribe contraceptives that destroy embryonic life. This is discriminatory toward and oppressive of those professionals who hold firm pro-life views. Will it be long before GP’s have the same kind of pressure levelled at them; that the Royal College of General Practitioners will make it necessary to prescribe all forms of contraception and refer for abortion ‘services’? After all, both Colleges are allied to the British Medical Association.

There is only one aspect in Dr Saunders article to which I would offer a different slant. Dr Saunders rightly indicates that contraceptives work either by preventing fertilisation of the egg or by preventing a fertilised egg from implanting (in some cases, they seek to prevent ovulation), but the fact is that even those which seek to prevent fertilisation have secondary effects on the uterine wall which theoretically make it impossible for a fertilised egg to implant. In this, contraceptives theoretically become abortifacient drugs.

I believe the core problem is ideological, but it is significant that in 1983 British Medical Association changed the words ‘from the time of conception’ to ‘from its beginning’. This puts Doctors and Nurses in direct contravention to the Geneva Convention which states, “I will maintain the utmost respect for human life from the time of conception” and allows them to take the beginning of life to be implantation or even the point of birth, where individuality from the mother can no longer be denied.

The biological nonsense of this is plain to see: it is from conception that an individual human life begins because from that moment a new life with its unique DNA comes into existence. Its implantation, its birth, its reaching of puberty and powers of reproduction are all but stages in the life of that new human being.

The question is this: why are some health care professionals refusing to live by scientific realities? The answer to that question is this: persuaded by ideologies (or their personal desire for sex without responsibility?) they are unwilling to go against the grain and declare all embryonic life a human being, because that would put them into conflict with those who wish to continue the killing of the unborn child. This is an example of the secular mind seeking out the darkness because the light requires them to live in a new way; it is a light by which they must learn to control their desires and build self-mastery over their instincts, rather than allow their instincts free reign. We have a society today which has put itself in bondage to instinct and forgone the use of reason.

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