Friday 1 November 2013

Abortion a human right?

How far has humanity fallen when it claims mothers have a right to kill their unborn children? How far have women (and men) fallen when they accept this slaughter of the innocent so wholeheartedly that they seek to promote it as a human right?

The culture of death Adam facilitated at the incitement of Eve is everywhere in today’s world, still facilitated by the cooperation of women and men who have turned from the Gospel to the person-centred ideology which says man is good at his core rather than damaged at his core; an ideology which has not generated a new morality only ‘risk management’ of selfishness: “If it’s Ok for you, then it’s OK; only do it safely”.

A lot of blame for the immoral situation of today’s world lies with the Church, particularly with the prelates and clergy who led the way after Vatican II. They took away the Catechism which gave us the scaffolding upon which to build our faith; they jettisoned God-centred liturgy for a man-centred, community get-together, and established the person-centred ideology in the seminaries and schools as ‘pastoral care’ by their support of non-directive counselling and its subjective, relativist ideology. As a result, Catholics stopped listening to the Gospel and the Church to listen to their damaged inner self, by which the values of the Gospel are seen as oppressive; as something to be overcome; as a TA script to be rejected.

Truly, if Pope Francis is going to condemn those who follow ideologies he better get it right and turn his anger against the person-centred ideology with its relativist, subjective culture; the culture against which his predecessors fought; and if he wants to defend the right of the poor to economic improvement he better get behind the right to life publicly and quickly, since no one can access education, work, health care, shelter etc, if we they do not have the right to life; the right upon which right the access to all there other rights depends.  It just is not possible to defend a secondary right (equality, education, economic well-being et al) when the right from which all these others depend is denied. Those who shout loud about equality, liberation and social justice issues really ought to display integrity and give first place to fighting for the right supreme right; the right upon which access to all other rights depend: the right to life.  

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