Tuesday 13 October 2015

The Synod and that Letter

So, was there one letter or two letters outlining concerns to Pope Francis and where there nine, ten or more signatories (see Rorate Caeli here)? In one sense it does not matter: what has been revealed is a Synod and Church in chaos; a chaos that brings into focus a hidden schism (if we may call it that) in the Church, and with which we have been living since the close of the Second Vatican Council.

What schism? Not “the SSPX –v- Rome”, for the SSPX are in strict continuity with all that went before and simply have sections of the Vatican II documents that they refuse, such as erroneous views of Ecumenism and Collegiality. It is a schism/division of those in formal union with Rome; a division between those who uphold the Sacred Tradition and those who seek to abandon it in the name of mercy. Liberals remain part of the official Church (and rise within its ranks to at least the level of Bishop and Cardinal, it seems), though they too refuse parts of Vatican II, especially in regard to the liturgy of the Church. The schism/division has been an occult one until now, in which the Church of today is being divided from the Church of the past. It is a schism/division lead by those who refuse the hermeneutic of continuity in order to lead the Church away from her Sacred Tradition and the disciplines which protect it so as to accommodate the sexual mores of today’s society. Sadly, these same folk seem to stray from charity and label those faithful to the Church’s Tradition ‘Pharisees’ and ‘rigid doctors of the law’.

That any letter was signed by anyone to bring to the attention of the Pope misgivings about the Instrumentum Laboris or the practical procedures of the current Synod is both a mark against this Synod and a stain on the Pope, under whose watch this hitherto occult schism/division has matured into open division by taking the Pope’s call for mercy to extreme, unorthodox lengths: one which requires no amendment of life (which is something we all need to do, every day of our lives, since we are all on a journey to perfection). I'm sure it is with genuine regard for people and the pain they experience when they cannot receive Holy Communion, but we have to be careful that we don't allow emotion to get in the way of Reasoned Faith. 

Pope Benedict XVI may have seen the wolves at the door and been unable to bolt it, but Francis has refused to even try bolting the door and instead, welcomed the wolves into the living room where he has found he cannot control them as they steal the food (Truth, cf. Matt.4v4) from the children and thereby threaten the lives of the children themselves. Faithful shepherds have written something (we know not what, really) and turned on a light by which the wolves can be seen and tackled. God bless and strengthen those faithful shepherds; God bless and enlighten those who would leave Tradition behind, and God bless and direct Pope Francis who, when the Synod is over, will have to sort out this mess in ways that please The Way, The truth and The Life.


  1. One wonders why they called a Synod in the first place? To discuss things already determined in the past is impertinence. To question the words of Our Lord is blasphemy. They should teach the basics and return the Church to true devotion of Our Lord and to follow Him by taking up our Cross daily.

    1. "They" didn't call this synod. "He" did. This entire thing has been the work of Pope Francis from Day 1.

      The article speaks about the pope allowing wolves into the living room but appears to assume that the pope himself is not one of those wolves. Must we assume he himself is not one of the wolves? Why?

      When Pope Francis was first elected, there were several people, including clergy, from Buenos Aires who publicly made statements to the effect that the pope, as archbishop, allowed people in irregular marital situations to receive Holy Communion.

      Were they telling the truth?

      There are videos of his "Tango Mass" and photos of him kneeling down in front of a Protestant charismatic minister for a "blessing" at a "Charismatic Rally."

      In the meantime, Catholics in Argentina are leaving the Church.


      What the Church really needs at this moment in history is a Call to Arms so that committed Catholics can publicly stand up for the Faith with the episcopacy behind them, not some nebulous mercy thing, which hasn't worked and, indeed, will not work in our era.

  2. Watch you back, Father! You are in my prayers. It is providential you are not in the Leeds Diocese?


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