Tuesday 21 May 2013

Today's Scientific Age Goes Unscientific...Why?

I suspect this reflection on today's society will not be well received but it is, perhaps, a reflection worthy of at least some consideration. 

Despite promoting science as the only way to know truth, today’s politicians and mainstream media seem hell-bent on ignoring biological science in their social engineering of society while pretending that God, heaven and hell don’t exist.

We know full well that HIV and AIDS fell dramatically in Uganda where abstinence before marriage and fidelity in marriage were promoted, but continued to rise in those countries where condoms were promoted, yet governments and mainstream media portray condoms as the way to prevent the spread of HIV. We know that children from families where father and mother are both present are more likely to do well in education and less likely to fall into criminal behaviour, yet governments and mainstream media fail to promote natural marriage. We know the only means of propagating the human race is the sexual union of a man and a woman, yet governments and mainstream media present homosexual acts as normal and acceptable. We even have governments and media facilitating the idea that if sex successfully achieves its natural biological end (the conception of a child) we may sink to the level killing the child, even if this only for career advancement or the stability of our bank balance.

It seems that Governments are simply procuring votes rather than doing what is right for humanity, since they are supporting and promoting a view of society that is sexually chaotic and family-dismantling; one in which children all too frequently suffer the emotional and social wounds of family breakdown. Second, our sexually chaotic society seems to want the vice with which we must all struggle –lust- approved of and facilitated so that sex may be had whenever, with whoever, and however we want, without a healthy sense of shame that such sexual ‘freedom’ makes the act of procreation into a selfish act rather than love (i.e., care and commitment); an act in which sexual partners become disposable means of self-satisfaction. Can we not honestly say that lust breaks up marriages and families; that contraception eschews responsibility, and that abortion kills children? it seems we tolerate or support these things only so as to engage in sex when, how and with whoever we want. Sexual freedom, as promoted by today’s society, does not make us free to enjoy a fully human life but is a total inversion of reality: people are not being freed to live fully human lives; they are being chained to their animal instincts, free only from the human capacity to engage in rational thinking and self-mastery –two of the very things which distinguish us from the animals.

No wonder the Gospel is rejected and the Catholic Church is hated: we want a stable society of committed parents, with adults controlling their animal passions so as to live in true human love and as stable, committed spouses and parents.


  1. This moral chaos makes the Church a clearer sign of contradiction, as she was in the earliest days. The Didache condemns abortion and infanticide. Neo-paganism makes this a great time to be saints. We may even have the opportunity to be imprisoned before too long. And we know that the Church thrives under open persecution.

    I have experienced personally the power of the Church's unique witness against the culture of death, because her opposition to contraception was one of the things which convinced me that she must be the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Scott and Kimberley Hahn had a similar experience.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Anthony.

      I agree; the moral chaos of today makes the Church a clearer sign, and when I look at some I know who are doing a great job of living out their faith as single and married people, I think we are generating hidden saints.

      I am saddened to see so many hoodwinked into thinking an anti-life, death-inducing choice makes life better -it's surely a contradiction to say death makes for a good life.

  2. I agree with you both. Once we have said sex can be had without procreation, which is what contraception says and does, then we give every sexual aberration full reign and make children undesired outcomes. Contraception is the core problem; Humanae Vitae is the answer.

    1. Thanks Jane.

      I think it would be clear to everyone who engages their reason on the chaos of today's society that contraception, with its fundamental philosophy of reproductive acts without reproduction, is the fundamental problem; that it is a seriously flawed idea and a harbinger of chaos and family breakdown.


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