Tuesday 1 January 2013

Mary Mother of God and Mother of Peace

We are sorry about the lack of blog activity recently. The parish telephone line has been subject to problems since December 22nd, leaving the parish with failing connections and no internet access at all. We are told it cannot be repaired until at least January 4th. Here is a little thought to be going on with however, posted from a borrowed internet access.

Mary, Mother of God and Mother of Peace

Celebrating the Motherhood of Mary today we have celebrated her as Mother of God and of the Church.

In his homily today, Father said that all Our Lady’s privileges flow from her being Mother of God: she is Immaculate to make her fitting to receive the Divine Word; she is Assumed into Heaven because her flesh and the Word made Flesh are of one flesh; she is Mediatrix of all graces because she brought the Author of Grace into the world and continues to cooperate with Him in the redemption of the world and the salvation of her children. He reflected on the fact that as women today seek the prestige of career and the power of money, true power and true prestige lie in their motherhood. By forming tomorrow’s leaders in today’s families in the ways of give and take; of justice and peace; of mutual respect, women shape the world. Is there a connection between women moving into the workplace as their goal in life and the decay of modern society? This is not to blame women, but to show their immense importance in the world as mothers. If women choose careers they must be secondary to their role as mother, for it is mothers who form the world in the formation of their children and families.

Father concluded by asking us to pray for women and especially the recovery of their role as mothers so that peace may grow and spread throughout the world, especially in the biblical land of the East which so much needs the grace of the Prince of Peace today, through the intercession of the Jewish girl who was chosen to be Mother of God. 

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