Thursday 16 August 2012

Desperate Dan Digs Deep...

Our Garden has been taken in hand, shovel, spade and saw over the last few weeks by four of our parishioners, expertly supervised by our new Grounds Manager Mr. Paul Duffy who, with his new, full-face beard, bears a striking resemblance to Desperate Dan of comic book fame. There were some comical moments in the work: an old, dead and stump-filled tree fell upon and crushed some of our equipment as its last act of terrorism (it frequently caught hold of telephone wires when winds blew and rain fell); the two-foot deep carpet of ivy and weeds had to be prised off the garage roof, refusing to move until chain-sawed, hedge-trimmed, hacked and prised off with shovels... coming down in one fell swoop it very nearly took with it our own Desperate Dan, who played to the camera as if he had lost the battle.

Paul Duffy playing dead...
Paul Duffy playing dead...

Not that there is any ulterior motive in his getting the garden ‘groomed’ so to speak, but let me tell you that ‘Dan’ accepted his role as Grounds Manager just four weeks ago...eight weeks from being groom at his wedding where wedding photo’s are  planned...! How well timed was my request for him to take on the task!

Before and After

Prayers for Paul and Victoria, his bride to be, as they begin their married life please –and for me, that I don’t lose a Grounds Manager once the cake has been cut and the wine sipped...after all, married life can be hectic as many can attest!


  1. You have missed an opportunity, Father; you should really keep up to date with modern developments. His title should have been 'Minister of the Garden'.

    1. Indeed, 'Minister of the Garden' could well be added to such titles as 'Ministers of the interior' (cleaners) and 'Ministers of the greeting' etc. With so many 'ministries' and new ones arising at the drop of a hat, no wonder priests are thought to be power-seeking with so many ministries and ministers to co-ordinate ...

    2. Father, if priests are indeed seeking power with all these ministers then perhaps the priest should now be called the Prime Minister? The person taking the collection could be the Chancellor of the Exchequer; the person looking after CAFOD could be the Foreign Minister; and on you go. Instead of parish council meetings it would become a cabinet meeting. Oh, how egos would be inflated in such an arrangement. The main body of the congregation would become known as the PAYE's where they would simply pay up and shut up.


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