Monday 21 October 2019

'pachamama' thrown in the river

Applause, admiration and prayers of blessing for those who took the symbol of the pagan goddess ‘mother earth’ from the Church of St Maria Traspontina and dumped it in the Tiber (see link below)

Now that it has gone it seems the Vatican press office is able to admit it was a symbol of “life…and mother earth”. Prefect of Communications Paolo Ruffini provided the initial response, saying that the idols represent life and Mother Earth — exactly. The response shows the Vatican just doesn't get it (cf Much Militant here video 2:25 seconds to2:35 seconds).

The displaying of pagan idols in the house of the One True God during the Synod was a signal that paganism is likely more respected by our shepherds than Catholicism. Such a thing is nothing less than diabolical; it is the honouring of demons: “Am I saying that either the idols or the food sacrificed to them is anything? No, I am not. That food is really sacrificed to demons and not to God” (1 Cor.10v19-20). What is worse is that the same shepherds display another copy of that idol in the hall where they deliberate how to take the Gospel to pagan peoples, and it seems another is placed in St Peter’s.

Forget about honouring other religions; that is not what we are about; we respect the people of other religions, but we cannot respect a religion that is not of God. if the idols of other faiths is to be respected, why did Elijah smash the idols, and why did Boniface chop down a sacred oak? We cannot fall into the trap of respecting paganism. Indeed, God sent us into the world to replace other religions with the Gospel, not to honour them.

We desperately need synod prelates with the wisdom and courage of Elijah and Josiah to get the Church back on track. If they want to reach pagan peoples, we ought to do what the Church did so successfully for 2000 years: preach the Gospel unadulterated, and offer worship that is entirely Catholic, not polluted with paganism. It seems to me that we lost people from the Church in the Amazon when we stopped sending missionaries with the Gospel in their hearts and instead sent missionaries with social-work in their heads, preaching an earth-bound salvation by social liberation, and not salvation from hell by liberation from paganism and sin.

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