Saturday 20 April 2013

A Parishioner's Reflection on Life, Death & Faith

A member of my home parish wrote a this simple poem for the memorial Booklet after my mother’s death in January of this year. Having had a birthday this week I looked over the poem over again and asked if I could share it on the blog.

~ Life, Faith, and Grace ~

Saints and angels watch o’er thee to keep thee in God’s peace;
that He, who loves both thee and me, will heal our souls with grace.
Thank Him for the times we had, the happiness we knew,
praise Him for the joys we shared, and love that’s ever true.
Know while in the pain of loss that death is not the end;
our souls live on in God above, Our Saviour, Lord and friend.
Have hope I rest within the hand of Him who made the world;
who came to die and rise again that souls may rise above.
For God said “Let there be” and then, in one great sudden “Bang”,
the cosmos and the world we know,  suddenly began.
The planets follow charted ways and ‘round the sun revolve,
while birds and fish and animals may by His will evolve.
God, the mind behind the math that underpins the world,
is the living force of life on earth and heaven above.
The ever-living God on high, our life, our hope, our love,
is Himself our final end and calls us home above.
For when in Adam mankind fell to sorrow, death and pain
God came as man at Christmastime to break hell’s binding chain.
Good Friday He destroyed our death, at Easter re-stored life;
that those who follow in His ways may see eternal light.
He gave us Holy Mother Church to hold us in His grace,
to fill us with His life Divine, and keep us on His Way:
At birth He doth Baptise the soul; Confirms with Holy Ghost;
and day by day He feeds us with His Body and His Blood.
And should we sin He will Absolve by hand of His own Priest;
and then with holy oil Anoint when death doth show its face.
Beloved one, when life is through, have trust that God will say
Come home to heav’n O child of mine, and see Me face to face.

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