Saturday 21 July 2012

Seven Helpful Hints for Readers

1.  Project your voice
-microphones supplement volume, they are not meant to replace it. Speak as though you are trying to be heard by those in back pews.

2.  Look slightly above the heads of the congregation
-it has the effect of making each person feel you have eye contact with them.

3.  Deliberately speak at a slow speed
-readings are a proclamation not a conversation, and not every listener has the text in front of them. (Missallette leaflets are discouraged by the Bishops and rightly so, because after they have been used they are discarded, and the inspired Word of the Lord is trampled underfoot. This is unfitting treatment for the word of God contained in Sacred Scripture.

4.  Prepare the reading at home and again in Church
-at home, look for the theme of the reading so that you know what you are trying to communicate. However, avoid ‘Jackanory’ type performances –not all congregants are at the mental age of six...
When you get to Church look it over in the lectionary before Mass, since the layout will be different from that in your People's Missal.

5.  Be attentive to diction
-endings of words are very important. It is interesting how often “The word of the Lord” is indistinguishable from “The word of the law”. Slow speed helps you to achieve good word endings, but only as good support for clear enunciation of final consonants.

6.  Remember that the words “This is” are no longer accorded to the readings. Simply say “The Word of the Lord”

7.  Don’t be afraid to move the microphone
to where it catches your voice.

The congregation are more supportive than you think -they are happy to have someone else do the work much of the time, so enjoy your reading!

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